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CROPRIME has launched a new system of conducting clinical trials, allowing 100% remote studies or hybrid studies that combine traditional and web-based activities.


Our new remote system became a real solution for the difficult time of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Patient experience is our priority. We utilize state-of-art technology to enhance contact with the trial participants and gain valuable feedback, allowing monitoring the quality of the trial from their perspective. We provide cloud-based communication solutions, allowing virtual interaction with the patients, investigators, hospital teams, and Site Associates and secure data collection tools.

Our new advancements include:

  • Telemedicine

  • Remote monitoring

  • Digital solutions for data collection, entry, and transmission

  • Upgraded personal communication devices

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[ Feasibility ]


Assessing and evaluating the capacity and capability

[ Study set up ]


Planning and developing the idea

[ Contract management]

Negotiating clinical agreements

[ Vendors management ]


Selecting vendors

[ Principal Investigators

Meetings ]

Organizing the venue


[ Clinical monitoring ]


Monitoring activities from evaluation to close out visit

[ Clinical Trial Audits and QA/QC  ]


Managing audits and inspections

[Clinical Project design]


Designing the study protocol

[ CRF design ]


Preparing for clinical data collection