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CROPRIME has launched a new system of conducting clinical trials. 100% of remote studies or hybrid studies that combine traditional and remote activities. The system became a real solution for the difficult time of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Modern technology helps people to communicate, collect information, transfer data, and analyze them. Using modern technology help to engage patient’s attention, it improves enrolment and makes all clinical trial activities more efficient.


-Remote monitoring

-Digital solutions for data collection, data entry, and data transmission

We focus on the patient’s safety and keeping close contact with the patients is really important. Modern technology allows this. In fact, it created a new path of communication with patients, with investigators, hospital teams, and our Site Managers / CRA.

This is a real-time transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry. We engage in:

-social media 

-Video caLLS

-Mobile phones, i-watches, I-pads, and tablets

-Digital equipment for collecting and transmitting data 

-Cloud data storage systems

in everyday clinical trial activities. 

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